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Hi and thanks for visiting, ( is an aquarium website that aims to provide those who keep tropical fresh water or salt water fish tanks with the information and services they need for their hobby particularly those residing in the Island of Malta and Gozo. If there is anything you think is missing on this site donít hesitate to contact us. You can register immediately for free to the site and be part of our community.

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From a "Fish Only" to a "Reef Tank"
Posted by free4kev  Last replied by wikidd  on August 23 2009 @ 11:01:52
Hi guys, it has been a long time since i opened a thread, upgrading from a fish only to a reef tank(as this thread says)took me sometime and dedication in understanding better how a reef setup really works and investing in a better equipment to achieve better results. To realize my dream was not possible without the help of Maltese, some friends that i work with and all LFS. This is ...
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Planaria Problems!!!!
Posted by adrscer  Last replied by adrscer  on August 23 2009 @ 10:41:28
Hi i have a problem in my tank, iv realized that in my aquarium i have these worms called planaria.... do anyone knows what can i do to get rid of them? thanks
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The Big One! 1200L Predator Tank - King
Posted by king  Last replied by dentex1  on August 23 2009 @ 10:19:15
Hey guys, Finally I started to work on My Tank, Dimensions will be L X B X H.........150cm by 120 cm by 60cm. Sump refugium trickle filter will be set up in a 120cm by 45 cm by 45 cm. This tank will be a new home for my sharks and the other inhabitants of my current tank, plus a few newcomers :) I will be posting pictures of my setup as i progress, i should get the glass by next week, till n...
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Aquaria Fair 2009 - Aquaria Build event
Posted by admin  Last replied by king  on August 23 2009 @ 10:16:39
Dear Members, As part of the preparations for the Aquaria Fair 2009 we will be organizing an aquarium build up day on Friday 21st August we will start at around 9:00am and go on until late evening this will be the first of a series of events leading to the actual fair. For this year's fair we will be changing completely our setups and we will include a new 50 uniform biotope displa...
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Tank mates for Angelfish
Posted by migdem  Last replied by Darren  on August 23 2009 @ 10:14:54
Hi all, What about Paracheirodon innesi (neon tetras) for tank mate to angelfish in a planted aquarium? Also can i have some amano shrimps in the aquarium with angelfish? What other type of fish can i get that do not destroy the plants?
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