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Hi and thanks for visiting, ( is an aquarium website that aims to provide those who keep tropical fresh water or salt water fish tanks with the information and services they need for their hobby particularly those residing in the Island of Malta and Gozo. If there is anything you think is missing on this site donít hesitate to contact us. You can register immediately for free to the site and be part of our community.

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Posted by spyne  Last replied by vera  on July 27 2009 @ 08:22:16
i would like to know how to notice a nice angelfish i have attached 2 photos so that i can have some good and bad opinions lt;img src="http: albums e120 spitspyne Photo 0018 1.jpg" border=0 gt; lt;img src="http: albums e120 spitspyne Photo 0001 1.jpg" border=0 gt;
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JohnF's planted tank
Posted by JohnF  Last replied by Foxy  on July 27 2009 @ 07:54:15
Anyone who is old enough and knows the true me tags my name with goldfish, coldwater fish and for some time with odd tankbusters. Some weeks ago I was also infected by the greenfingers of most AM members. Your enthusiasm in this field of the hobby brings forth aesthetic abilities while creating a living piece of art. To be honest, my favourite setups are Iwagumi. Maybe I have been living too...
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red Sea max 250
Posted by robert borg  Last replied by BLUE CRAB  on July 26 2009 @ 23:32:50
Xtahsbu min dan laquarium bhalla REEF TANK? http: redseamax 250Temp redseamax index.html
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Water lilies for shaded ponds
Posted by JohnF  Last replied by dentex1  on July 26 2009 @ 22:55:32
This year I wanted to try out some dwarf lilies in my shaded pond. It is said that waterlilies need at least 6 hours of full sunlight to bloom. Part of my pond only gets about 2 hours at this time of year. So I started doing some research on all miniature varieties and opted for Nymphaea Pygmaea "Helvola", Nymphaea "Froebelli" and the hybrid "James Brydon" Nymphaea. Although I enjoy the beaut...
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My Fish only Marine Tank
Posted by king  Last replied by dentex1  on July 26 2009 @ 22:52:53
Hi guys here's an update on my 700L marine its been going for 14 months now. My inhabitants are C.punctatum (bamboo shark), one is still in the embryo stage. Volitans lion panther grouper Brown Tang 2 regal Tangs Bird Wrasse Stripped Grunt ocellaris Clown Marron Clown Some pics C. punctatum egg lt;img src="http: albums f252 kingii P1030540.jpg...
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