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Top 10 articles by hit count.
A Treatise on DIY CO2 Systems for Freshwater-Planted Aquaria
(Added : 1/18/2006 Hits : 384 Rating: 6 Votes: 4)
A very good article regarding DIY CO2 Systems for Freshwater-Planted Aquaria
Ideas for a Successful Planted Aquarium in Malta
(Added : 12/20/2005 Hits : 380 Rating: 6 Votes: 7)
Ideas for a Successful Planted Aquarium in Malta. An article written exclusively for by Stephan Mifsud
filteres for bigineres
(Added : 4/1/2006 Hits : 355 Rating: 5 Votes: 3)
Description of some filteres
The Aquarium Dictionary - especially for beginners
(Added : 8/30/2006 Hits : 340 Rating: 9 Votes: 2)
I just came across this aquarium terminolgy dictionary and thougth it might be of help especially to newbies.
Convict Cichlid (Herichthys/Archocentrus nigrofascaitus)
(Added : 8/28/2006 Hits : 318 Rating: 6 Votes: 3)
One of the easiest egg-layers one can breed is the convict cichlid. Some describe it as the ‘rabbit’ of the fish world due to the amount of broods one can get from this cichlid.
Suitability of Rocks in the Aquarium: A Practicle Guide
(Added : 9/4/2006 Hits : 299)
Most rocks that you find in your yard, in creeks or streams, or elsewhere in nature pose no problems for use in the aquarium. Those few that may cause problems can be identified by applying a few simple procedures or observations.
Procedure for uploading personal photos on this site
(Added : 4/7/2006 Hits : 297 Rating: 8 Votes: 4)
A step by step procedure to upload files to this site.
Aquarium Decoration
(Added : 11/22/2005 Hits : 294 Rating: 6 Votes: 2)
Tips and hints on general aquarium decoration
An introduction to cichlids
(Added : 11/22/2005 Hits : 293 Rating: 5 Votes: 3)
A short beginner introduction to cichlids.
GOLDFISH TALK - Selecting Breeders
(Added : 8/30/2006 Hits : 275)
These are a few simple points to achieve a successful brood.

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