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The Last 5 topics.

Paint suitable for Ponds
Posted by goz_king  Last replied by Nihonjinkoi  on April 03 2009 @ 01:19:01
I have a pond, which am thinking of giving it some colour...even if that means white! As I do not like the look of dull concrete. What kind of paint could i use? I know that most (if not all) paint is dangerous for the fish. Or else any idea on how to give colour to my pond?
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Hi To EveryBody!!!
Posted by vella.matt1990  Last replied by vella.matt1990  on April 02 2009 @ 23:46:10
Hi! My name is Matthew. I am new in aquaria and so I've decided to join this community to learn more how to sustain my hobby :)!!! I have just bought a pressurised co2 system,, with a 1200 lph Haqos cannister filter and an inline reactor [ in between the pump and the 18 watts UV sterilizer!] Can someone help me how to regulate my co2 system without killing my fisshh!!?? thank you in advanve! lt;...
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My New 30g/120lt Reef Tank
Posted by matt1976  Last replied by matt1976  on April 02 2009 @ 23:45:27
Hi everyone Five weeks ago I bought a Juwel 120 litre tank. My aim being to have a small reef tank with only a couple of fish and some easy soft corals. My setup is: AquaMedic Midiflotor protain skimmer Hydor Koralia 4 (4600l h) 1500l h internal filter Resun chiller for 200Ltr Airpump live sand Local Live Rock Juwel 120l aquarium complete with 2 t5 and cabinet 2 extra t5s with ...
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Indoor ponds
Posted by Nihonjinkoi  Last replied by neil  on April 02 2009 @ 22:53:28
Dear friends, What are your opinions about building an indoor pond? Unfortunately I dont have a garden anymore :( and it s getting quite frustrating to live only on you 'tube koi sightings'! I saw quite some few amazing indoor ponds especialy in Scandinavia where the outdoor ponds freeze over. I also saw quite a few samples in some Asian places and restaurants. However I never duly noted the app...
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new 450 l juwel aquarium reef pradator system
Posted by warren bugeja  Last replied by warren bugeja  on April 02 2009 @ 22:41:56
hi guys i opend this tread to comment me if i done some thing wrong in my system pls comment Edited by warren bugeja on March 25 2009 17:56:45
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